Under the sea Bracelet (from Teak wood & real moss)

THB 980.00



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Under the sea Bracelet (from Teak wood & real moss)

THB 980.00

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เรื่องราวความเป็นมา (ITS STORY)

This teak wood has the fracture of nature it looks not a beauty and being overlooked.
We bring the resin to fill the gap to be beautiful.
"It's a beautiful thing that people look over"
All piece made from Craftsmanship (include design and custom manufacturing)

So, every piece has a different beauty and there is only one.

"So, different from the picture because it's handcraft."
1. You can't fix wood grain. (It is beautifully different from natural)
2. color shade of Real moss within Epoxy resin has slightly different from natural.
3. Each piece will have minor imperfections, but each is still a “work-of-art.” Cracks or air bubble within the resin are not considered defects.

Materials :
- Teak wood
- Real moss stuff within Epoxy resin.

About size :
Custom A : Wrist circumference is about 13-14.5 cm.
Custom B : Wrist circumference is about 15-16.5 cm.
Custom C : Wrist circumference is about 17-18.5 cm.
Custom D : Wrist circumference is about 19-20.5 cm.
Custom E : Wrist circumference is about 21-22.5 cm.
Custom F : Wrist circumference is about 23-24.5 cm.
Custom G : Wrist circumference is about 25-26.5 cm.

Take time to made :
7-10 work days

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