LET'S BURN SOME CALORIES, Changeable color cup-cover



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LET'S BURN SOME CALORIES, Changeable color cup-cover

THB 490.00

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เรื่องราวความเป็นมา (ITS STORY)

Changeable multi-purpose cup, new products by ABEARABLE
A part of pattern is capable of displaying different colors at different temperature.

** The bear's hula-hoop and the words 'let's burn some calories' will change to black when exposed to cold cup or your sweet drink!
* The cup-cover will keep your drink cold for 1.30-2 hours. (small cup 12 oz.)
* The cup-cover can be used for storage your beloved stationary.

* You can use the cup-cover for decorate your workspace , it's so cute your home :)

** The cup-cover maybe imperfect detail because they are hand-sewing products and sewing by hand one by one

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The special color can reversible change about 2,000 times. (Technical information) , product lifetime depends on users's care.
Please see the instruction care on the small tag in package for long life time.