DON'T LET ME CRY, Changeable color t-shirt

THB 790.00



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DON'T LET ME CRY, Changeable color t-shirt

THB 790.00

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'DON'T LET ME CRY' Changeable color t-shirt
Please turn-off your air-conditioner to save the world!

T-shirts is an simplest apparel and suitable for tropical country such as Thailand. It's suitable for all ages and everyone. We use this tropical weather as a variable in our pattern design. In Thailand, some Thai's people always open the air-conditioner with too cold and waste energy.

People have no limit to use the energy cause of global warming. Without a doubt, that the area of polar bear's home has melted down every year. Polar bears were used in the definition of cute and friendly.
They're easily accessible to all users.This pattern creates awareness about the climate change with both yourself and spectators. It makes surprise and fun to change the pattern of t-shirt that are meaningful for both the range of dark or light color.

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- Please handle with care for long life time
- Turning clothes inside out before laundering might help prevent brightly colored items from fading because of direct exposure to detergent and hot water. (Washable by washing machine but hand-wash is very good for products)
- Do not squeeze, Do not bleach and do not tumble dry
- Do not dry clean and do not squeeze on the special color
- The print will peel, fade or discolor with friction. If it possible,Hand wash please.
- Iron through a pressing cloth and avoiding the print.
The special color can reversible change about 2,000 times. (Technical information) , product lifetime depends on users's care. Please see the instruction care on the brown tag in package for long life time.